Kindly locate and visit the nearest Ofiice or Call 7829777555. Remember to take a qoute copy after booking the consignment.

1 BHK ₹3,000 - ₹8,000

2 BHK ₹5,000 - ₹11,000

3 BHK ₹6,000 - ₹15,000

4 BHK ₹10,000 -₹22,000

The cost given above are approximation to the standard dimension of the goods as per market, the cost may decrease or increase based on the actual dimensions of the goods,distance and lift service of individual customer.
Yes We do.Labour charge is 1k/Person.
We recommend booking a move 7 to 14 days in advance – this is especially true if you need to move on Saturday, our busiest day of the week. However, if you are not able to book a move that far in advance, give us a call anyway, we’ll do our best to serve you!
Our rates are always the same during the all days. However, during the last days of months or sat,sun might be vary.
Out-of-delivery consignments are mostly delivered once a week. Please contact the nearest hub for more details. You can also call us at 7829777555 for further details.
Your booking branch will have to make a complaint on your behalf. Kindly contact them.
You can track your consignment.
WrightBix Packers and movers charges based on various factors like Manpower, Moving distance and Goods Quantities,Service Area,Lift service Facility.
No, You need to call AC service Provider.
To prepare for WrightBix packers and movers, consider the following:

Make a moving calendar.

Clean before the Team arrives.

Toss any non-transportable items.

Establish a zone for items you will handle yourself.

Set aside high-value items.

Take pictures or record videos.

Take care of children and pets.

After Finishing work please ask Billity Document.

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